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ABR specializes in giving riders—from recreational to professional—one-on-one attention for any cycling needs. Whether it’s a repair while you wait, a tune-up while you watch, an installation of new parts, or building a bike from scratch, we are here to serve those looking for the convenience of getting fast, easy, and efficient service.

Kevin Shimmin – Master Mechanic, [email protected]

Kevin has been a bicycle mechanic in San Diego since 1999. Through the years, working at many bike shops, allowed him to work on every kind of bicycle which has now made him extremely knowledgeable, very friendly and an amazing mechanic. He enjoys learning new products that come into the industry every season. On his free time he likes to ride his bike, ride his dirt bike and spin records. You can catch him driving our mobile bike shop on wheels or in the shop. He is ready to get his hands dirty to make your bike good as new!

Stu Clott – Owner, [email protected]

Stu Clott founded Anywhere Bicycle Repair in January 2010. He started his career in Havertown, PA, at Human Zoom (formerly Bike Line) in 1998. He moved to San Diego in 2004 in search of year-round cycling, and worked his way through many of the area’s top shops making friends and loyal customers along the way. When he’s not working on bicycles, he logs 100 miles on his bicycle every week and mixes in mountain biking, running, swimming, and weight training for good measure. He surrounds himself with other riders, and owns many bikes, plus three unicycles. It’s safe to say his life revolves around cycling—professionally and personally.

Joe Stanphill – Mechanic

Joe grew up in Northern California and has been a bicycle mechanic since 2015. He grew up mountain biking and racing BMX and got his love for cycling from his father. Joe moved to San Diego to pursue a college degree in 2017 and has worked in a few shops down here. His favorite part about working in the cycling industry is being able to fix and sell bikes so that other people can enjoy his favorite sport. On his free time you’d find him surfing, riding downhill trails or hitting dirt jumps. Joe is a very well equipped mechanic and is ready to get your bike back on the trail or road and running like new!

Dietrich Zacher

Dietrich Zacher – Mechanic

Dietrich Zacher is relatively new to the cycling scene and an even newer mechanic. He bought his first road bike in 2012 and immediately fell in love with the open road. Since then he has logged over 18,000 miles commuting to and from work everyday. He has been in the U.S. Navy for 15 and a half years and is still currently active. For him, working at ABR, under the teaching and mentorship of Stu and Kevin, has done nothing but enhance his passion for bikes and the cycling lifestyle. And for a bonus, he is no stranger to getting his hands dirty, so there’s no bike he’s not willing to dive into to work on!

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