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How to keep your bike lasting for years to come!

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Bicycles can be a lot of money these days.  Some are as expensive as cars!  Expensive or not, all bikes need love.  So how do you keep your bike running so you can enjoy the time on your bike instead of it being a clothes hanger?  Simple, there are three things to be done.  Air the tires, lube the chain, and periodically get it serviced. AIR Airing up the tires, needs to be done before…

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July 4th Week Update!

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We are having lots of fun creating more video content. So check out this one! Check out one of our new repair videos below! If you liked that video check out more new videos on our YouTube channel HERE! YOU WANT TO SIGN UP FOR A REPAIR CLASS?!  CLICK HERE

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You Are Selling Ebikes Now?!

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Stu here! I want to tell you a little story. In 2008 I was a shop manager for a bike shop that sold e-bikes. I was there for a short time at this shop because before I owned my own business I moved around a lot. So at this particular shop I was very surprised the owner thought he could have a shop with e-bikes… It was unheard of at that time. Remember, this was…

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How’s Business?!

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How’s Business?! A question I get asked a lot and I love to answer it.  Simply put, business is great!  When I started this business in January of 2010 I had no idea it would last this long and still be growing! But we are careful with every business move we make because this is a tough business. When I started working in bike shops in 1998, the internet was just a little baby and not smart…

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When Should I Replace My Chain?

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There are two schools of thought when it comes to replacing your chain.  First of we should be following proper chain maintenance habits to get the most life out of our chain.  One plan is to replace the chain early and often and the flip side is to wait until the chain, cassette, and chainrings are completely worn out and replace them all together.     As a chain wears out, first the pins and…

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Battery Load Testing

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Battery load testing is the method evaluating a battery to determine what its capabilities are. New batteries should be load tested at the factory to ensure they were properly assembled and performing at the listed specifications.  Older batteries can be load tested to determine how well it is performing and when it is time to replace the battery.   Load testing a battery involves one or more charge and discharge cycles with multimeters attached to…

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Buying a new bicycle

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What Bicycle Should I Buy? At ABR we are asked the question of “what bicycle should I buy” surprisingly often considering that we only repair bicycles and do not sell them.  I guess it is the same as asking an auto mechanic about which used car to buy… so we get it. With hundreds of different bicycles out there ‘New Bike Day’ is truly a special day, whether you subscribe the the “N+1” philosophy to…

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My electric bicycle is not working, now what?

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What happens when my E-Bike is not working?   If your e-bike does not power on or start up then there is a fault somewhere in the system.  E-bike systems only work when all of the components are functioning so there is no quick & easy evaluation.  Often the fault is caused by a loose connection and power can be restore by disconnecting and reconnecting each point. If the system still does not work then…

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How do I maintain my electric bike?

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What are the components of an E-bike?   E-bikes have a system of components that work together to take the stored potential energy in your battery and translate that to kinetic energy moving you forward.  The main components of an e-bike are the battery to store energy, the motor to propel you forward, a controller or “brain” of the system, a user interface to communicate with you the rider, and a network of sensors and…

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What is an E-Bike?

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What is an electric bicycle or “E-Bike”?   An E-Bike is a bicycle with a battery powered lightweight electric motor that can be pedaled like a regular bicycle, pedaled with a motor assist, or propelled solely by the electric motor.  E-bikes come in all styles, shapes, and sizes and have a variety of options on where and how they can be ridden. Most of them look just like a regular bicycle with a few small…

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