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What kind of chain lubricant do I need?

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Last month we wrote about how to apply best apply lubricant to your chain.  This month we would like to talk to you about choosing the right product for your bicycle. Different riders need different lubricant… Every rider will get a cover a different amount of mileage out of their chain before it needs to be replaced.  That mileage is determined by many factors based on; the rider, the bicycle, where the bike is ridden,…

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Proper Chain Maintenance

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The modern bicycle chain is assembled out of a number of tightly toleranced small parts pressed together with precision machinery.  As you ride a bicycle the chain wears over time. This is referred to as “chain stretch” but it is a bit of a misnomer as the chain does not actually get longer.  The pins, inner and outer links all stay the same length but the rollers and bushings wear down along with the cassette…

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Baby sister has arrived!

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Stu’s daughter Rosie Paige Clott was born March 28th at 9:43am and weighed in at 8 pounds 7 ounces! Rosie is happy and healthy and Nicole is recovering well. Miles was thrilled to meet his little sister. Thank you for your continued support and to my amazing team (Kevin, Sean & Marzhel) for managing the shop like a well oiled machine while I spend some much needed time with my family.

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Repair Shop Winter Update

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Winter Update! More Inventory, New Tools, More Help, and Life Updates! More Inventory! We have been working hard the past two months revamping our product wall and stocking more inventory!  We now have more of what you need! New Tools! We recently built a 5th bench that is now our dedicated “special jobs” bench.  We use it for cutting, grinding, sawing, hammering, and whatever else we need to make a special project happen! The 5th bench fits nicely…

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Third Anniversary Party!

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Come Celebrate Our Shop’s 3 Year Anniversary with us! Saturday August 27th from 1pm-6pm! Free Beer and Food! $10 off Full Service Tune-up coupons available for everyone who comes to the party! Raffle with Grand Prize of a Free Tune-up! To get a raffle ticket you must bring at least one can of food to donate to the San Diego Food Bank! … And the highlight of the party, my son Miles will be there and would love to hang out with…

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90 Years of Masi Book

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If you are in town this weekend and looking for something awesome to do, check out the events going on to celebrate 90 years of Masi. Few modern brands are as inextricably linked to cycling culture as Cicli Masi. Founded in 1926 in rural Florence, the small enterprise grew and evolved through the vision of one dedicated and committed young man to become one of the most celebrated institutions in the history of the bicycle….

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SRAM Recalls More Zipp 88 Front Hubs

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Do you have Zipp wheels? If so, listen up! SRAM Recalls Zipp 88v6, 88v7 and 88v8 Front Hubs SRAM has issued a recall for the wheels featuring the Zipp 88v6, 88v7 or 88v8 aluminum front hubs. The flange issue, originally thought only to affect the original Zipp 88 front hubs, has been determined to exist in later versions. As with the Zipp 88 hub, the aluminum front hub flanges on the Zipp 88v6, 88v7 or…

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