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When Should I Replace My Chain?

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There are two schools of thought when it comes to replacing your chain.  First of we should be following proper chain maintenance habits to get the most life out of our chain.  One plan is to replace the chain early and often and the flip side is to wait until the chain, cassette, and chainrings are completely worn out and replace them all together.     As a chain wears out, first the pins and…

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Battery Load Testing

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Battery load testing is the method evaluating a battery to determine what its capabilities are. New batteries should be load tested at the factory to ensure they were properly assembled and performing at the listed specifications.  Older batteries can be load tested to determine how well it is performing and when it is time to replace the battery.   Load testing a battery involves one or more charge and discharge cycles with multimeters attached to…

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Buying a new bicycle

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What Bicycle Should I Buy? At ABR we are asked the question of “what bicycle should I buy” surprisingly often considering that we only repair bicycles and do not sell them.  I guess it is the same as asking an auto mechanic about which used car to buy… so we get it. With hundreds of different bicycles out there ‘New Bike Day’ is truly a special day, whether you subscribe the the “N+1” philosophy to…

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