E-Bike Repair Services

$85 E-Bike Problem Diagnosis

We will disassemble the portions necessary and test all aspects of the electrical system, motor, controller, battery, charger, connections, and keys (if applicable). After completing the test we will consult with the product manufacturer if needed to further diagnose the problem and check pricing and availability of the necessary replacement parts. Once completed we will send a report (via email) of our findings. If additional parts and labor are required to solve the problem we will send you a separate estimate with the costs to do so.

$180+ E-Bike Conversion

Converting your old bicycle to an e-bike is a 3 hour $180 minimum, which includes removal of the old redundant/no longer required components. Additional time may be required for some kits and/or custom battery/motor/controller mounting points. We will provide you with a more accurate estimate once the bicycle and all necessary components are brought to the shop.

We work closely with manufacturers to assure a seamless service from start to finish. Here are a list of our trusted partners.

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