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How to keep your bike lasting for years to come!

By August 24, 2019 Repair Tips 2 Comments

Bicycles can be a lot of money these days.  Some are as expensive as cars!  Expensive or not, all bikes need love.  So how do you keep your bike running so you can enjoy the time on your bike instead of it being a clothes hanger?  Simple, there are three things to be done.  Air the tires, lube the chain, and periodically get it serviced.


Airing up the tires, needs to be done before every ride.  You will prolong the life of the tires and tubes and less chance of getting a flat when riding.. and you will also go faster with less resistance!  Every bicycle tire has the recommended air pressure stamped on the side of the tire.  It may be hard to find because it blends in, but it is there.  It specifies a range of pressure.  When riding on the road, air the tires up to the high side of the range and when riding off-road air the tires to the low side of the range.  For example, if the tire reads, “45-65psi”, air it up to 65 psi when riding on the road.


Lubing the chain is a step that not many riders do, and they pay for it later.  Keeping your chain lubed will prolong the life of your gears which could cost you a lot of money to replace!  Riding in San Diego requires the use of a dry lube on the chain.  Dry lube for dry climates and wet lube for wet climates.  A great lube that we like is “WD40 BIKE” lube.  It is a specific product line of lube that works very well in our climate.

Check out our other blog post all about how to lube your chain!  


Then there are the full-service tune-ups that should be done every 4-6 months by a professional mechanic.  When your bike is serviced, the mechanic will thoroughly inspect it, adjust the brakes brakes and gears, fully clean the bike and make sure everything is running well.  If this is done periodically, you will minimize the surprise repair costs and be confident to ride your bike without the worry of breaking down.

Here at ABR, we will take the worry out of servicing your bicycle. The benefit of using ABR over bike shops are our quick turn around time, competitive prices and outstanding customer service… or we can pick up your bike from your place and bring it back to our shop.

So that wraps up the three important things to do for your bike.  Simply, you need to air up your tires and lube your chain to prolong the life of your bike.  Also, periodically your bike needs professional attention to guarantee you bike will be ready to ride for years to come.

Now, go enjoy the weather with a bike ride!


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