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How’s Business?!

By March 8, 2019 Business, Shop One Comment

How’s Business?!

A question I get asked a lot and I love to answer it.  Simply put, business is great!  When I started this business in January of 2010 I had no idea it would last this long and still be growing! But we are careful with every business move we make because this is a tough business.

When I started working in bike shops in 1998, the internet was just a little baby and not smart enough yet to under cut the brick and mortar, so bike shops used to thrive with just putting product on the floor.  In recent years, the internet has grown up with a personality of its own, making sure it can find us anything our heart’s desire.  This has been the most beneficial tool of our lifetime and I embrace it just as much as everyone else.  This internet evolution has challenged the brick and mortar stores to satisfy the customer more than businesses ever had to do in the past.  This leaves current stores competing with the internet for product sales while also attempting to achieve excellent customer service which is incredibly hard and costly to do correctly. This is one reason we focus on the service side of this industry.

When retail stores do not evolve they die. We see this played out with stores across all industries closing their doors.  The most recent surprise was the fall of Performance Bike Shop and their 140 locations this past November. Their business model worked for many years, but they did not have the flexibility to pivot in a new direction which devastated their competitive edge.  This is more proof small businesses can no longer rely on volume like internet businesses can do today.  Retail businesses who are growing are aware of the basic foundation of business… customer service.  The only way to succeed in a physical location is to make time for each and every customer.

Our business model has definitely evolved over the years.  Just like any company that has been around for almost a decade, you must evolve to stay alive.  From the small pick-up truck I started with, to the huge box truck, to the physical location, to the pick-up and deliveries, we made these changes to stay competitive.  What we have not changed is the time we put aside to communicate with all of our customers.

As for you the customer, we are grateful for trusting us with these changes over the years.  We value your understanding of how business works. And we greatly respect you for trusting us.

We will continue to challenge ourselves and keep satisfying each and every one of you. It brings us so much joy to be your go-to shop for your bicycle repair needs. This is what puts a smile on our faces every day.


One Comment

  • Phillip Halpern says:

    I just got back from Italy where I did a race in the Dolomites. It was a blast. I’m real busy right now, but I’ll probably see you real soon. Hope all continues to go well.

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